Thursday, March 3, 2011

75 XLCH From Back in the Day

This bike was built 20 years or so ago and then kept through the years to be given to the builders son recently. I haven't met the owner yet but I got the story and wanted to share this beautiful bike. It still runs after all these years and other than a shifting issue (bent shift fork?) it is ready to ride right now even after all these years. The bike is a 75 XLCH with a bolt on hard tail, springer fork and of course my favorite upswept fishtails. Hopefully this bike will stay in the family and see many more miles of fun on the road.

Classic style!

Diggin" those pipes!


  1. Great looking bike.

    Do you know what brand bolt-on hard tail was used.

  2. The bike was built over 20 years ago so I don't think anyone remembers what harttail it is.