Monday, March 14, 2011

Progress On The Triumph

Since the GarCo guys were out of town in Daytona this weekend I decided it was time to work on the Triumph again. Once I get it painted all I need to do is reassemble it and it'll be done (for now). I picked up a harbor freight blaster for $15 bucks (had to try it at that price) and got to work on the frame. The blaster did OK, it worked GREAT with little stuff like the front motor mount, but a whole frame is a little much for it, but I got done what I needed to do.

Here is the frame and the blaster set up outside the building where I work. It's nice to have a warehouse area with room to play at work.

Had to do some grinding and cutting int eh neck area to clean up where I had cut those damn plates out. Didn't make it perfect, but it looks better. The tank will hide this area any way and next year after the Sporty is finished I'll tear this one down again and fix it right as well as get her a real paint job.

Blasting away at it. I mostly wanted to get the grease and oil off and I accomplished that at least.

Making a big mess here. Even with goggles on I still had to flush my eyes when I was done and again this morning. That sand gets EVERYWHERE.

Got a nice coat of primer on here and a few coats of paint. I don't know if I like this color, but I'll wait a day or so and see if it grows on me.

This pics really shows what the paint looks like. I used Duplicolor Metal Specks paint. I like their stuff, but I'm not sure about this color yet. More pics later as I make some progress.

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