Monday, February 28, 2011

Spenser's Tank Is DONE!

Once again Shane has outdone himself! He says this is the most intricate tank he has painted and I believe him. It's certainly the best one Ive seen from him. Each blue panel has a different design/effect done inside of it and the colors really pop in person. The masking and layers are really smooth and slick and it still amazes me that he just recently started painting. Shane is a consummate artist and it shows in everything I've seen from him so far from tattoo's to leather to metalflake paint, he is an artist.

Top. I like the airbrushed lens flares, they give it an old style look like what I used to see on the custom cars and bikes I saw when I was a kid.

The front shows more of that detail.

This side is amazing to me, to get all those lines to repeat evenly across the entire panel is mind blowing to me.

Love the pattern on this side as well. MANY hours were spent just on the masking alone of this project.

And just to make it even more unique this little scene is hidden on the bottom of the tank. Gotta love it when an artist goes to the extra effort for something like this that will not be seen by 98% of the people who see this bike.

I'll post some more pics of the finished bike later this week so come back to see the rest of the story....


  1. I had an old BSA chop back in the early 80s with a fiberglas peanut tank...purple metalflake so deep I lost thoughts in it. But the trippy part is, the underside of the tank was a paisley pattern of greens and blues and reds...really mind blowing detail.....but the only time you could see it, was if you looked INSIDE the tank on a bright sunny day. if you looked at the bottom from the outside, it was barely visible. but unscrew the gas cap and look inside...takes me back just thinking about it

  2. Great looking tank, perhaps the best artwork I have seen.

    Would love to see the bike this is going to be fitted to.