Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Slow Week This Week

Too many folks are in Daytona so it's a little slow around here. It seems like a good time to show off the great work Ross did shaving the legs on the new Sporty project. I posted the pics before where I had chopped off the big chunks. Later that week Ross threw these on his lathe and whittled them down to size and then added the sweet looking grooves near the bottom. I'm going to use a scotchbrite pad to scuff up the bottom areas where the lathe didn't get and then do the same to the shiny dust covers at the top. It should look sweet when I get done.

Aint those some slick legs?

Love the little details! The rings are nice and after I get the rest of it looking smooth with the scotchbrite pad it'll REALLY look good.


  1. Hi Jeff, looks great.

    I am guessing that you will not be fitting a brake at all.....true bobber style then?

  2. Yep, no front brake. The Triumph hasn't had a front brake in the 20 years I've owned it and it has a drum. This bike has a disk so it'll be luxurious compared to the Triumph ;-P

  3. yes sir, ross is an amazing man. i miss you jeff. i hope you got your drinkin' boots on april 30th. we gonna have a hell of a time!

  4. I'm ready for y'all to come on back into town. We're gonna have a good time!!!!