Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Garco's New Digs!!

Ryan and I made it out to Garco to get his tire changed and while we were there I took some pics of the new set up. The new building is going to be great! It already is coming together and with a little more work and organizing it will be perfect for what Larry has in mind. The last time I saw the place it was wall to wall stuff with a lot of junk mixed in. Larry hauled a lot of crap back out and to the dump only keeping the good stuff that can be used to create chopper glory!

I told you I had the tire strapped to my bike.

A better look at my bungee madness. Chopper Ed would be proud ;-)

The projects........not as ghetto as it looks, they all go inside, but were put out here while stuff got shuffled.

King Ian, Lord of all he surveys! Leathercrafter for all his Custom Cousins and a true Brother.

The service area is looking GOOD. Nice and organized, ready for work to be done.

Supplies and office type area. I was amazed that there was room for set up like this.

Basically the new shop is ready for business and all that's missing is for you to get over there and get some work done. Whether you need an oil change or major frame mods Garage Company Customs is the place to go. Check em out on the web at or give them a call at 205-682-0040. Tell Larry Kustom Jeff sent ya........or maybe ya better not.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Got To Ride With My Boy Ryan!

My Step-Son Ryan plays/manages/produces with a great singer Lee Anna Culp and they came home from Nashville this weekend to play a show here in Birmingham. Ryan rode his bike down so we could put a new rear tire on it and do a few other things to it. Their show was Friday night so we took off Saturday to ride over to Garco to get the tire swapped. We left the house and had a good time riding out into the wild countryside where Larry moved the shop to. Of course since my bike is bigger and has a sissybar the tire got to ride with me.

I had to gas up since it's a million miles to the shop now (I like to kid Larry about how far out he actually moved).

You can see the tire strapped on with some of that bungee magic I learned from Chopper Ed. We took the interstate since Ryan had a limited amount of time to get everything done.

For some reason the traffic stopped. I saw the cars in front of me heading for the edge of the road, then heard tires squealing and looked in the mirror to see this truck sliding towards us doing his best to stop, but not getting it done. I made sure Ryan was clear then I shot over to the side just as the truck slid past me. If I had snapped the shutter a few seconds faster you would see the smoke coming off of his tires. He opened his door so that he could say he was sorry to me & Ryan and to make sure we were OK. It's all good I just hope he had a spare pair of undies in the sleeper.

So we got to the shop where everything went fine and we hung out for a bit (those pics will be posted later). Ryan needed to leave to meet some other folks and I had to get back home to work on the Step-daughter's car so she'll have transportation while the Wife and I are out of town next week so we took off again.

Riding through the countryside. Ryan says he wants a 3/4 helmet now that he's a little older and is tired of riding in this heat with the full face. I'll give him credit, he's been riding the crap out of that little 883, it doesn't sit too much. He had no problem braving the rain storms to get here Friday.

I think he's getting tired of me taking pics by this time.

"Maybe if I don't look he'll quit!"

Going by the lime plant.

On the way back I saw this Spitfire pull out. It really makes me miss my old Spitfire. It was a fun little car, but it didn't have enough power to get out of its own way. That could have been fixed if I held on to it, but I was a newly wed and needed the cash more than the car, at least I held on to the bikes.

Check back later and I'll have some more to show. Things should start picking up in the next week or so and I should get back to posting a few times a week.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Party At The Dixie Round Up April 28, 2012!!

It's almost time!!! For more info go to There's gonna be a good time had by all. If you miss it, you'll have lost the opportunity of a lifetime!

Timebomb says make sure your nappy ass is here!

Some of the great bikes that came out last time!

Even dogs like to ride over and party with us!

Be there or be square!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Finally, Another Saturday Ride

I got out Saturday to go by Ross' place to pick up something he had for me. We hung out for a little while (stay tuned for a feature on his shop with pics taken during this visit) and had some fun telling our old family war stories, literally, we both have a lot of Vets in our families. After I left Ross I was headed for the HD dealership to see some old friends when I got a text from Bill to come ride with him and Spenser. How could I pass that up? I ended up meeting them as they were finishing up lunch and away we went.

A buddy of Bill's wants him to make this poor stock Sporty look good. Bill brought the bike with him for the ride to get a feel for it and decide what it needed. It needs a lot, but that's another story.

Spenser of course was riding his Shovel. The only shovelhead I have ever seen that WANTS to run ALL the time. This bike was built right and will probably still be running when I'm dead and gone.

We headed out on the back roads and went through some high dollar housing area. It was pretty interesting because it's one of those areas where they are trying to make it look all European and old. Since I spent a few years in Germany and other areas I like to look at how they've done these places and see if they pulled it off or not. This neighborhood wasn't too bad. Good enough to keep the ride from being boring at least.

I had to actually pay attention on most of the ride, but I DID get a few good shots in. All the pics were from behind though since this was a bunch of windy curvy back roads.

The zoom helps because I could lag back, catch them going into the curve then let the camera go to get my own bike set up for the curve.

Cropped this from another pic. I think Stewy was texting or something in this one.

We passed a LOT of horse farms this ride. I'll have to go back out that way and get some horse pics for a friend of mine up in Canada who loves her horses.

After the ride we ended up at Bill's place to hang out, have a beer and just talk trash for a little while. While we were talking Bill looks out the garage door and sees this hawk, this bird was pretty close to us just hanging out in the tree and trying to eat whatever it was he caught. We couldn't see what it was, just that he had it and was eating it.

It was a great day for sure with temps in the 80's. I hope this is the start to a great riding season and not just allergy hell like I'm afraid it will be. Stay tuned we'll be picking up speed as the weeks go on.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lady Hump Prizes!

I got home from work Tuesday and found a nice little box of goodies waiting for me. It seems that my prize pack from the Lady Hump blog contest had arrived. I was expecting maybe a shirt and some stickers. I got that and a lot more!!!!

The box even had cool "Grand Prize Winner" artwork. I'll have to save and frame this for future generations.

Look at all that cool stuff. I got a t-shirt, hat, printed shop rag, 6 koozies, a bunch of stickers and the best part for me was a bad ass Batman glass! I do believe someone has been snooping around my sites and found out about my love for the Caped Crusader.

Here is my new glass full of some fine Fat Tire ready to be consumed while I type this blog entry. It's great to be recognized and win a prize for something you were already doing. I try to keep this page original and fun. I hope you'll keep checking back in with me and I'll keep doing my best to keep you entertained.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just Kickers Party In OK For My Friends Out West!

A Special Post for my friend Andres in Texas. Check this one out if you can. Unless you're already planning to come to the Dixie Roundup. In that case come here instead. This is for you guys out west that can't make it here. Have fun, Ride it Like You Know How To Fix It and throw back a few beers.

Are you sick of going to motorcycle events only to pay a huge entrance fee, spend 5 dollars for a beer out of a keg and be bombarded by vendors? If you answer yes, you should think about attending our event.
More details at the JustKickers blog !!
Come and join us for a event like no other on April 26,27,28 29 in Davis, Oklahoma
Bike games
Cold beer
We have found a majestic, shaded 70 acre location away from the hustle and bustle. Davis, OK is located dead center between Dallas, Texas and 100 miles from Oklahoma City. Cheap beer, hot showers, tent set up and a running river to cool down in, what more could you ask for? Live music, yeah we've got you covered.
This event is not about the Money! It’s about the gathering of those who appreciate the old iron and the builder and keeper of those machines which we RIDE.
We want to see those vintage, choppers, bobbers and other creations and their parts. And yes you can come even if you have electric start. You just need to appreciate the culture for what it is, not the circus and traffic jam we have today
We are all riders and have attended many motorcycle events nationwide. We have thought of putting on this type of event for years and decided 2012 will be our year. We all have one goal in mind, to attract those who want to ride together and enjoy the culture. It should be about riding not the all mighty dollar. No drama, no bullshit, just living and breathing the culture like it's meant be.
Dirty Kirk

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Moving Into The New Place

Here are the pics of us moving everything into the new shop. After Larry gets back from Daytona I'll show ya how it's set up, but in the meantime here is how we piled the crap in and left Larry to deal with it

Bill says welcome in his own kind of way.

Pulled the pick ups in so we could unload them out of the rain that started falling on us.

There were some big pieces that were loaded with a forklift at the old shop and then we had to figure out how to get them off the trailers and put in place in the new building. This is the milling machine here. We used brute force to get it off the trailer and onto a dolly. Actually I should say I let the younger guys use brute force. I'm getting too old for this crap.

Lifting the Mill onto its stand. I hid on top of the ladder for this shot. One again Bill was telling me that I'm number 1.

THERE! It's in place and David was so happy he had to fondle his own ass.

Larry and Ashley's new house. It's about 50 feet from the new shop. At least Larry will save a ton of gas now.

Ian backing the monster back up to the new building. We filled this truck up twice.

You can see that we were very careful to put everything where it should go.

Pile it where ever it will fit for now.

While Larry was grilling some burgers Some of us tried to get a fire going in the fire pit. It took a while, but it eventually happened. It took some work since it rained for days before the move.

Just a cool shot of the fire right as Bill tossed kerosene on it.

With Daytona going on and Larry getting moved in as well as me going out of town later this month updates will be slow, but I WILL kick it into high gear after the first of April.