Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lady Hump Prizes!

I got home from work Tuesday and found a nice little box of goodies waiting for me. It seems that my prize pack from the Lady Hump blog contest had arrived. I was expecting maybe a shirt and some stickers. I got that and a lot more!!!!

The box even had cool "Grand Prize Winner" artwork. I'll have to save and frame this for future generations.

Look at all that cool stuff. I got a t-shirt, hat, printed shop rag, 6 koozies, a bunch of stickers and the best part for me was a bad ass Batman glass! I do believe someone has been snooping around my sites and found out about my love for the Caped Crusader.

Here is my new glass full of some fine Fat Tire ready to be consumed while I type this blog entry. It's great to be recognized and win a prize for something you were already doing. I try to keep this page original and fun. I hope you'll keep checking back in with me and I'll keep doing my best to keep you entertained.


  1. jdbatman...I'm glad to say that I knew you before you were famous! Ha! Keep on Keepin' on brother, I dig the shit you lay down and put on these interwebz for me to kill some time during the day job! Congrats too. See you soon buddy! If you haven't already, check out that new quad cam I picked up and am tinkering on. Maybe it'll give me another reason to ride with ya'll to the mountains twice this year.

  2. JT, it is indeed some good tastin' awesomesauce!

    AJ, I've been checking it out. Can't wait to hit the road this year.