Monday, March 26, 2012

Got To Ride With My Boy Ryan!

My Step-Son Ryan plays/manages/produces with a great singer Lee Anna Culp and they came home from Nashville this weekend to play a show here in Birmingham. Ryan rode his bike down so we could put a new rear tire on it and do a few other things to it. Their show was Friday night so we took off Saturday to ride over to Garco to get the tire swapped. We left the house and had a good time riding out into the wild countryside where Larry moved the shop to. Of course since my bike is bigger and has a sissybar the tire got to ride with me.

I had to gas up since it's a million miles to the shop now (I like to kid Larry about how far out he actually moved).

You can see the tire strapped on with some of that bungee magic I learned from Chopper Ed. We took the interstate since Ryan had a limited amount of time to get everything done.

For some reason the traffic stopped. I saw the cars in front of me heading for the edge of the road, then heard tires squealing and looked in the mirror to see this truck sliding towards us doing his best to stop, but not getting it done. I made sure Ryan was clear then I shot over to the side just as the truck slid past me. If I had snapped the shutter a few seconds faster you would see the smoke coming off of his tires. He opened his door so that he could say he was sorry to me & Ryan and to make sure we were OK. It's all good I just hope he had a spare pair of undies in the sleeper.

So we got to the shop where everything went fine and we hung out for a bit (those pics will be posted later). Ryan needed to leave to meet some other folks and I had to get back home to work on the Step-daughter's car so she'll have transportation while the Wife and I are out of town next week so we took off again.

Riding through the countryside. Ryan says he wants a 3/4 helmet now that he's a little older and is tired of riding in this heat with the full face. I'll give him credit, he's been riding the crap out of that little 883, it doesn't sit too much. He had no problem braving the rain storms to get here Friday.

I think he's getting tired of me taking pics by this time.

"Maybe if I don't look he'll quit!"

Going by the lime plant.

On the way back I saw this Spitfire pull out. It really makes me miss my old Spitfire. It was a fun little car, but it didn't have enough power to get out of its own way. That could have been fixed if I held on to it, but I was a newly wed and needed the cash more than the car, at least I held on to the bikes.

Check back later and I'll have some more to show. Things should start picking up in the next week or so and I should get back to posting a few times a week.

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