Monday, March 19, 2012

Finally, Another Saturday Ride

I got out Saturday to go by Ross' place to pick up something he had for me. We hung out for a little while (stay tuned for a feature on his shop with pics taken during this visit) and had some fun telling our old family war stories, literally, we both have a lot of Vets in our families. After I left Ross I was headed for the HD dealership to see some old friends when I got a text from Bill to come ride with him and Spenser. How could I pass that up? I ended up meeting them as they were finishing up lunch and away we went.

A buddy of Bill's wants him to make this poor stock Sporty look good. Bill brought the bike with him for the ride to get a feel for it and decide what it needed. It needs a lot, but that's another story.

Spenser of course was riding his Shovel. The only shovelhead I have ever seen that WANTS to run ALL the time. This bike was built right and will probably still be running when I'm dead and gone.

We headed out on the back roads and went through some high dollar housing area. It was pretty interesting because it's one of those areas where they are trying to make it look all European and old. Since I spent a few years in Germany and other areas I like to look at how they've done these places and see if they pulled it off or not. This neighborhood wasn't too bad. Good enough to keep the ride from being boring at least.

I had to actually pay attention on most of the ride, but I DID get a few good shots in. All the pics were from behind though since this was a bunch of windy curvy back roads.

The zoom helps because I could lag back, catch them going into the curve then let the camera go to get my own bike set up for the curve.

Cropped this from another pic. I think Stewy was texting or something in this one.

We passed a LOT of horse farms this ride. I'll have to go back out that way and get some horse pics for a friend of mine up in Canada who loves her horses.

After the ride we ended up at Bill's place to hang out, have a beer and just talk trash for a little while. While we were talking Bill looks out the garage door and sees this hawk, this bird was pretty close to us just hanging out in the tree and trying to eat whatever it was he caught. We couldn't see what it was, just that he had it and was eating it.

It was a great day for sure with temps in the 80's. I hope this is the start to a great riding season and not just allergy hell like I'm afraid it will be. Stay tuned we'll be picking up speed as the weeks go on.


  1. Great pics as always Jeff. The one of Stewy in the turn is awesome!

  2. Thanks, I get lucky sometimes ;-) You were too far ahead for me to get many cool ones of you.