Friday, March 9, 2012

Garco Closed.....

last friday to move into the new building. Larry will be open again a week from Monday. He spent this week setting up shop and he'll be in Daytona next week. Be sure to come out and check out the new place. It will be pretty nice once it's ready. In the meantime check out these pics of us moving all of this crap. Today I'm just posting us loading, tomorrow I'll post some of the new place with all the crap stuffed inside. It was hard dirty work, but we made it fun ;-)

Starting to load...

Chopper Ed being a gangster bad ass ;-)

Ian got his helmet back from Bill with the new liner installed. Larry had to try it on of course. Check out that manly beard poking out from the bottom.

Ian in his new helmet glory.

The back of the truck I borrowed from work.

Ed's truck.

One of the cool pieces we dug out.

These bags HAVE to be used for something.

Getting the big ass truck loaded.

Ashley stopped by to supervise for a bit.

The moving crew doing what we did best......stand around and look good.

The Chief was ready to get to his new home.

So sad to see it getting empty.

Spenser moving a Quad Cam motor. He knows the good stuff when he sees it.

I told you David was a musclebound BEAST!!!

They wouldn't get their lazy asses off the couch so Bill took em with it.

At leas Chubbs enjoyed the ride.

Keep checking back and I'll have the unloading shots up. I know these are not the coolest pictures I've posted, but they are an important event in my life and I wanted to share them with you.

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