Thursday, March 1, 2012

Once Again Saturday Rocked!

The weather is CRAZY! Over the last few weeks we have had temps ranging from upper 20's to mid 70's. It's great on the warm days and luckily a lot of those have fallen on the weekends. This last Saturday the temps were in the mid 60's and beautiful so we took advantage of it. This day's lunch ride had the most bikes of the year so far. I think there were about 7 bikes and that's pretty damn good for February. Enjoy the pics, I'm not sure what you'll see from this weekend since we'll be helping Larry move the shop into the new building so there won't be many bikes around. I'm even borrowing a truck from work so I can help move stuff ;-)

Spenser made it in and got to ride his bike for a change.

"Crank em up!"

"Rolling, rolling, rolling....

C'mon, keep up Mathew!


Ready to turn into Nino's for a killer calzone.

In the lot ready to head back. It was a good ride and some great food. Got some good work done that afternoon as you saw in the post about my oil tank.

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