Monday, December 5, 2011

The Weather Was Great Here This Weekend!

And of course you know that means another Sat. Lunch Ride! This Saturday Larry and Whitey decided to have a Biker Movie Night so a few more people came around. We didn't tell a lot of folks because we knew there would be technical issues we had to address so this was a practice run. I had to deal with the step-daughter's car dropping a valve early Sat. morning, but I made it in time for lunch so away we went.....

Ian and Chopper Ed getting ready to leave.

Ian with his freshly rebuilt transmission enjoying the day.

Chopper Ed doing his chopper thang.

Getting off the bikes at Nino's. Have I told y'all lately that I love their meat lover's calzone????

Larry's lovely hair. He road the cafe racer until he gets his long bike redone.

By the time we were ready to leave Mathew had joined us. He bought David's CB750 so David could buy the blue Panhead. Mathew is new to the chopper game, but he asks the right questions and seems to be pretty squared away.

After lunch Stewie, Mathew and I went by the HD shop to get some inner tubes. The rest of the crew went to Ross' to help him get a trailer off of his ceiling. (Don't ask, it's not a pretty story).

Mathew enjoying his new bike. I don't think he's quit grinning since he bought it!

Getting gas.

At the dealership we saw this beauty on the floor. You can tell the guy likes old stuff, but really had no clue about putting a bike together so that it all flows. (I'm being nice here).

A belt drive on a basically stock dyna????

Old skool pipes and sissy bar with new style billet triple trees and micro switches on the gimp style hangers. Oh yeah, he even put an old Avon tire on the back.

Spenser stopped to grab his new issue of Dice to show us the pictures of his bike. YEP! That's right Spenser's bike is in the new issue of Dice Magazine!!!

Took a quick shot over my shoulder as Mathew pulled up behind us.

More pics from Saturday to come. I'll post some pics  from the Movie Night party later this week..

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  1. Great day for a lunch run with y'all and thanks for including me on your Blog Kustom Jeff.