Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Biker Movie Night Vol II

After the food was properly consumed it was time to have some fun and play around before we watched the show. If you've ever been to Garco you've probably met Chubbs the bulldog. Chubbs is a great dog, but he's not right in the head. He loves to try and eat the exhaust of a running bike or even better is the air coming from an air line. If you have a rag he'll take it from you and try to wrestle. You can literally lift him off the floor while he's biting a rag. For some reason Bill jumped up and slapped the inflatable High Life can hanging from the ceiling. I guess Chubbs has never noticed the can before because he went crazy once he realized it was there. He kept jumping up trying to get the can that was hanging TEN FREAKING FEET IN THE AIR!

You can see here that the little bastard can jump pretty damn high for such short legs.

He decided he'd have better luck climbing up on Chopper Ed to get the can. He really did get up here by himself. Ed helped him by leaning over, but Chubbs was all over the idea of using Ed as a ladder.

We ended up outside after Spenser got old faithful the silver mini chopper running. Bill made some "Billshine" for the party and was pretty deep into it by this point. You can see in this pic that it didn't affect his riding skills though.

He got it started and was off again!

Ian started early with the "Billshine" and it seems that it didn't want to play in the same vicinity as the chile. It worked out though because after this it was time to.........

make a ramp and see if they could jump the puke! It was hard to get any pics because of the flash reflection off the ground but I did get a few pics of the fun.

Here's Ian making the grand leap over his previous deposit. He did end up putting the back wheel squarely in it one time and it make a nice splatter.

White boys dancing....well at leas Spenser and Ian are trying.

Luke is scared of whatever move that is that Ian is putting on Ross while Stewie was happily working his cabbage patch.

Outside again where Bill showed his backwards riding skills. I was actually surprised at how well he did.

Working on the projector and PA set up.

Chubbs and Ian going over backwards in one of the roll around seats. That's my Triumph there on the right. I used it as a movie seat.

And the show begins. Like I said, we had issues, but we still had fun and next time it'll work for us a little more smoothly. You can see Bill stole my seat while I was trying to take pictures.


  1. The dog's got heart! We had to distract him before he had a freakin heart attack ;-) He WANTED that damn can.