Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Biker Movie Night At Garage Company Customs.

Whitey has been talking about getting together one night and watching some crappy old Biker movies. Well, it finally happened. Larry and Whitey picked a date and we all showed up for the fun. We kept it kind of small to see how it went, but next time who knows. The movie was Angel Unchained and is a great flick if you're into these old movies. We had sound issues, but managed to have a good time anyway. It'll get worked out better for the next time I'm sure.

Ashley was saying that her and Larry never get a real picture of them together. The pics always get taken after the "beverages" have been flowing so I took a picture of two of the best friends a guy could have. Love Ya! Mean It!

All the guys, the girls sat at the counter and laughed as Ashley took this one.

Gettin' some of that chile the Bill made.

Ross brought in the gear to make some grilled cheese sammies to go with the chile!

MMmmmmmmm! Damn that was a good grilled cheese!

"What do you expect from dirt bags like us?"

Recently Larry and Ashley hit the thrift stores and found this vintage liquor decanter. My folks used to have one like this and it still makes me giggle to see one in action.

Ashley's getting it "on tap"

Ian setting the stage for his show later on in the evening.

Ross has always been one for "water games"

Even Laura wanted to join the festivities.

OK, so this was the fun leading up to show time. Next time I'll show ya the rest of the fun we had that night. Stay tuned it's gets good from here.....


  1. Good times. If this goes public, count me in.

  2. I had a great time......i think. Did I? Shit I don't know.

  3. My "show" was a double feature!!!

  4. JT, I'm sure we could make room for you even it it doesn't ;-)

    Bill, you had a GREAT time, I have the pics to prove it. I haven't gotten to the GOOD pics yet ;-)

  5. Now they need to find one of those Donkeys that offers up cigarettes from it's exhaust pipe, to go with wee Willy there...