Friday, December 30, 2011

A Decade I Hope Never Inspires Nostalgia!

The early 90's were a sad time in Biker history. Don't believe me just check out these pictures from Daytona 1994. It was a great time to be a Biker, but a sad time to see cool bikes. We hadn't rediscovered the cool craftsmanship that is seen today. It seems like everyone who knew how to work metal back then was inspired by old Gypsy wagons. Anyway, a few folks have told me they like when I post these old pics from my early Biker days so here's some more for you. I hope you enjoy them. Most of them are Sportsters, that I wish I could have rescued and made into cool machines. I hope they've all been reborn as bad ass choppers, but sadly I'd bet most are sitting in a barn somewhere looking like a sad worn out version of what you see here.

WHY?!?!?!?!?!?! I mean c'mon a Ness/FL style front fender and a useless extra wheel in the back????

A poor XL being forced to imitate an FXR. If you want a big twin then BUY one, don't try to make a sporty into something its not!

Once again WTF!! Look closely and you'll be amazed at so much craftsmanship to make such an ugly bike.

Another view of this monster.

This bike is a nice clean little Sporty except for the damn hyperturd.

This one was kind of cool. I liked the paint and sidecars are always neat.

Where to even begin with this one??? Look at the fringe, the old EL/FL front fender and TOO much white.

A nice Shovel. One of the few bright spots of the trip. Clean and rideable.

Even better FX. I'd love to have this bike today.

I hope you enjoyed these pics. I'll keep diggin' and see if I can find some more to share.


  1. Hey!!! Reference the White Bike - can't a biker be a Liberace fan?

  2. Hey!! As for the 'stretch-chop'-The Brady Bunch need a bike they can go on family outings on, right?

  3. Chet, I think that bike was too over teh top for Liberace even.

    Larry, I hope they have hard asses since there is only a rider's seat.