Thursday, December 22, 2011

Found More Old Pics To Scan!

Went box diving a few days ago and found more pics to scan in for your enjoyment. It looks like I found enough pics to post a few a day for a few days. Today's pics were taken one day outside the Night Owl Lounge in Fayetteville, NC around 1992-93. The Night Owl was a great little Biker Bar where a lot of fun stuff happened. One day you can buy me a few beers and I'll tell you some of the stories.

Front and Center is Steve's Knucklehead. We had been working on the bike and the right tank wouldn't quit leaking so Steve said "Screw It!" and took the damn thing off. Clamping off the crossover made it all good and we went for a ride. I think his bike is where my weird perversion for upswept fishtails comes from.

Another view of the parking lot. That's Steve standing on the sidewalk.

That Sporty next to the knuck was the first chopper I ever saw with a plunger frame.

You can see the cool kick pedal clutch pedal that the bike had.

Good view of the place where the tank should have been.

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  1. damn, what great pics!!! I wish I had almost ANY of the old pics from the early to mid 80s still...or ANY of my 57 Pan at all!!! consider yourself lucky to have the pics...and thanks for sharing!!