Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tanks For Not Being Normal!

If you've seen the GarCo blog lately you know that Spenser is making a tank for his Triumph project and you've even seen some pics. Well, I have some more pics to show you, but it'll take a day or two since I took a lot of pics of Stewie making the bottom of his tank. I'll start off with the general shots and get into the bottom of the tank tomorrow. I also tossed in some cool pics I took of Spenser welding as well.

Left is stock of course, and the right is the new creation. Not only did Spenser narrow it an inch and shorten it too, but he also used the english wheel and planishing hammer to round out the flat spot that stock Sporty tanks have where the filler neck is. Now it has a nice curve around the top. This also led him to moving the filler over.

From the front you can really see the change. Once this is all done he'll add a small tunnel to it so that it will sit right once it's on the backbone of the frame.

look at that pretty welding.

JT from the JBMFT blog stopped by. It's not often he can sneak away so it was great to see him out and about.

These pics were taken while Spenser was doing some welding. All I did to them was adjust the curves and play with the saturation. The camera did all the rest once I stumbled on the right settings. 

I really like this one. Click on these to make them large and you can really appreciate them a little better.

Playing with the aperture really can have a huge effect on how the light is captured.

Just a man and his bead of metal.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, pleasure as always.