Saturday, December 31, 2011

Couple Of Pics From Germany 1991

I'm sure you've heard of W&W Cycles in Germany. They've been a world leader in taking care of Harley riders all over Europe. They are located in Wurzburg, Germany which was just a few miles up the road from the airfield I was stationed at. Once a year they had a big Drag Race on our runway at Giebelstadt Army Airfield. It was a fun day and I've posted some pics before from the festivities. I've been trying to find these pics for a while and finally figured out which nook or cranny they were hiding in,. Enjoy the pics, I'm out of town all weekend, but I'll be back to my regular ways next week and maybe I can get some cool current stuff to post.

My friend Leo was an American G.I. who got out of the Army and stayed in Germany. He married a local girl and ended up working for W&W. A great guy who took care of us and he owned a really cool FXR back before it was cool to have one. He was the first person I ever saw powder coat section of an Evo rocker box. He and a friend had a full set coated gloss black then Leo gave his friend the uncoated center piece from his rocker box so they ended up with opposite looks on the rocker boxes. Leo with polished upper and lower with a black center piece and his friend with the opposite. It was a cool and unique look back in 1991. The other bike in the pic was one of the many shop bikes they brought along.

Another view of the bikes. Look at the edge of this pic and check out the intake on Leo's FXR. Don't see these very often.

The infamous W&W Cycles dragbike in one of its earliest incarnations. I believe they still race this bike, but you'll have to check with them to know for sure.

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  1. Pretty cool, Nitrous drag bikes. My insane brother runs nitrous on his 'street' Sportster. Figures, his second bike after a 'full-race' Honda 90 was a '71 Kawa 500 triple.