Friday, December 16, 2011

Finishing The Tank

OK, here are the rest of the pictures of Spenser making the tank.

Cutting the wood to make the buck for the bottom.

The inside of the tank so you can see how much it took to get this size and you can see how the flat area has been made to disappear.

After working the metal most of the way around the buck, it was decided that some slots needed to be cut int eh area with the tight curve to make it shrink properly.

Test fitting the bottom.

Sanding the edges.

Done and ready to have the slots and holes welded in.

After that it's time to tack it together.

Ta Da! And there you have it. After this Spenser will weld the bottom all the way around, then work on the tunnel. I may not be there when he does this, but if I am I'll take pics. I'll at least show you the finished product.

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