Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some Of My Favorite Paint From This Years Bash

Sorry I'm so slow posting lately it's been crazy at home and work (we moved work to a new building and I handled most of the move while the others guys kept the business running). One of the best things about the Bash is seeing the latest work in person that people bring to the party. We usually see pics of everything ahead of time, but seeing this stuff in person is really great. This year was no exception and today I'll show you some of the paint I really liked plus a pic of a goldwing that just didn't fit ;-)

This guy was in the room next Loaf and I Thursday night. He left Friday morning, but I HAD to take pictures of his bike. He seemed like a nice guy and probably rides the hell out of this, but it just looked so out of place around all those chopped Sportys.

This tank was all hand painted and blew me away. I'll let you look it over for yourself and drink in all the cool details. Casey knows his stuff and does great work.


Other side. It's a combination of classic sign painting, pinstripe artistry and graffiti. I really dig it.

And of course it had to have a cam cover painted on it somewhere.

This is Fink's tank, he painted his fender to match. It was all done in his garage and the massive flake was just unreal!

I'd have lost my mind just trying to tape this one out. This paint was knocked out of the park!

One more view.

All the bikes lined up in front of our rooms. We pretty much had the whole place rented out, plus most of the camping too.

Another one by Casey. The face just blows me away!

A little more of the art to see. The other side was just bare metal.

Hollie painted her tank white and let us go crazy with sharpies. She figured if it came out cool she'd clear coat it and if it sucked she'd just repaint it. I think it looks cool.

More of it.

You can see the crappy little flaming skull I drew in this one.

Some serious artists had a go at this one.

I hope she clears it and at least hangs it on the wall even if she doesn't want it on her bike anymore.

That's it for today. I'm finally getting a handle on things again so I hope to post more stuff this week.

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