Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Riding Around On A Saturday

Got a late start on Saturday and headed over to the Harley shop to get some hardware for the chopper. I ended up staying a little while catching up with all the latest stories from the folks I used to work with. Finally got going and headed to Garco to have lunch with the guys, but I ended up being too late and they were already gone. Oh well, not a problem, I texted Larry and found out they would be a little while so I roamed around and took pics while I waited on them. There is a cool upholstery shop nearby with some cool trucks out front. I stopped by there to take some pics and one of the folks came out to talk to me. This lead to a tour of the shop and vehicles they are working on so that will be a post of its own this week. After leaving there I headed over to a cemetery Whitey had shown me. It's pretty old so there are some cool headstones that I took some pics of.....

This one had a good looking design carved on it.....

This one was the man's Wife and had a very similar, but not exactly the same carving. It looks like they died a year apart but I guess the stones were still done by different people.

This is a rock quarry that you drive over on the way out to Larry's. One day as I was going over this bridge a huge dump truck was coming up this road. I wish I could have gotten a picture of it, but it seems like it's inactive whenever I go by now.

Neat old house near the shop. One day I'd like to go over closer to it and get some detail shots.

Finally I head back to the shop and pretty soon They arrived. Larry and Ashley are riding the Pan this day because the looonngg chopper is in Sturgis on display. I think it's the Michael Lichter show, but I'm not sure.

David had Larry do some adjusting on the Pan so it's running great now and he's out riding the hell out of it as usual.

Jesse's bike was in the shop getting finished up and was finally fired up for the first time. It's always great to be there when a bike is this close to done and finally running.

Ashley was taking pictures and y'all know I have this weird fascination with taking pictures of people taking pictures so here she is getting her shots.

A few pieces of hardware were needed so they hopped on the bike to head into Columbiana and I took off for home.

On the way I stopped and took a picture of some of the horses that are in the area. There are a lot of farms in this area and a lot of horses and goats running around in the fields. I love this part of the country!

I finally stopped and took a few decent pics of this barn that I always like looking at.

And on the way home I passed this trailer with a plywood door. Gotta love redneck ingenuity!

Have fun and I'll catch ya later!