Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Saturday Was a Long Fun Day!

Friday I got a call from Boozefighter Boozer letting me know about a charity fundraiser the Devils Disciples were having on Saturday at Courtyard 25 (home of the 2012 Dixie Roundup). He said that a bunch of his Brothers were going to meet up and ride over and that we were invited if we wanted to ride with them. I checked around and the rest of our guys were unable to get out on Saturday (families are great, but they can mess up your fun sometimes ). This left me to be the only Inbred going along, but I did my best to represent. After meeting with the Boozefighters we saddled up and headed out on the back-roads to get to the party. The event was kicking along nicely when we got there and promised to get even better after dark when the bands got going. We all hung out for a few beers then decided it was time to roll out. The other folks wanted to go to Hooters but Boozer and I decided to head on down to Bottletree to check out the High Five Fest going on that afternoon. I'm glad we did, I had a great time hanging out with folks I don't get to hang out with often and even met a few new folks. I don't have any pics of the first party out of respect for the Patchholders since I didn't have their permission to take their pics. Once we got to Bottletree though the camera whore in me came to the forefront and I shot a ton of pics, but narrowed it down to these to post.

Sitting at a table in front of the bar having some BBQ and talking with Knucklehead Nate about plans to meet up on our ride to the Bastard Bash Thursday.

The legendary Knucklehead Nate.

Looking at the front of the bar while I ate.

Jesse showed up on his freshly finished Sportster. He was in heaven finally having a bike to ride. He's been working on this one about as long as I've been building the Flyrite. He's earned a few smiles while he rides.

Nate's Knucklehead. He is riding from Gadsden to Deal's Gap Thursday. Gonna be a fun ride and hopefully we'll manage to meet up along the way.

From the parking lot looking at some of the bikes.

Looking up towards where my bike was parked on the end.

Apeknuckles Ironhead is back on the road after it's unfortunate introduction to the side of a dumbass' car.

The guy in the blue vest is Shaun. He rode up form Adalusia just to see the Dojo and hang out with the Haints. I'll tell you more of his story in another post. Hopefully before I leave for the Bash, but it might be after.

Nate headed back to Gadsden.

Vini showed up in this bad ass monster. What a bad ass car.

Shaun and his panhead.

Moon's new paint by the famous Shane. Once again he killed it!

From the bike parking area looking down at the bar area.

Vini squeezed up onto the sidewalk with us.

People just hanging out.

This grossly overloaded vehicle rode past and I tried to get a pic, but sometimes my camera has a mind of its own as to where it will focus. This pic reminds me of one of Danny Lyons old Chicago pics.

I only got a pic of one of the bands. They were pretty damn good, but the only lights they used were these green ones and it gave a weird look to the stage. It fit the music though.

Well that's it for today. I may have another post before I leave, but if I don't I'll have a million to post afterwards.

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  1. Why can't local bars do this shit every Saturday?