Thursday, August 9, 2012

Saturday At Price Upholstery

I told you in the last post about visiting this shop and taking some pics. Here is the rest of the story. So I was killing time waiting for Larry and the rest to get back from lunch and I decided it would be a good day to finally get some pics of this cool truck I had seen. I proceeded to get off the bike and start snapping pics when Aaron came out of the shop to talk to me. He said that this truck came from Indiana and had been restored before, but was developing some surface rust. These guys bought it and Aaron drove it home for them to make right. That plan is to restore back to a more original state including going back to the original orange paint it left the factory with. If you like this truck and are interested it IS for sale and if you get in now you can have some say so in how the restoration proceeds. You can contact the shop at Price Upholstery, 205-216-3178 or e-mail them at

Aaron also started telling me about some of their other work including some work for Chip Foose. The stuff I saw was impressive and worth checking out. They do some simple fleet work to pay the bills, but they also lay down some serious craftsmanship for those who want the best. Check out the pics for more if their projects.

The old International that caught my eye. It looks like it was used by a plant nursery or farmers market kind of place.

You can see some effort was put into making it look good. Now it's time to make it look right.

Hood badge

Close up of the paint.

Yes, it sure is wac-dout!

They also have this Ford F-150 Contractors Special to be worked on. It looks like a normal work truck until.....

You open the hood and see the generator right there on the inner fender. It actually came from the factory like that and believe or not the generator fired right up.

The "Special" badge.

Inside was this 50's Corvette getting some interior work. I love this body style, you just don't see many outside of museums anymore.

Dog those sweet lines.

Mean looking grill!

Classic nose badge.

The headlights are unique to this time period and look great.

Blue Flame Six! I've never seen that style air cleaner before.

Rear fender

I love this bumper.

You can see where they're working on the interior. The owner was trying to save some money and did those seat covers himself. He should have just let these guys do the work then he wouldn't have all those puckers along the seams.

Classic wheel cover!

So that's it for this time. I had a great time and am glad I stopped in. Give these guys a call if you're interested in their projects or if you want to get some work done of your own.