Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Making Just A Little Progress

Once again this weekend I got a little more done. I pulled the primary cover off and installed the new starter that Danny from the Quad Cam Bastards forum sent me. It's even got the starter button on the solenoid so I can skip the hassle of a starter switch. While I was in there I changed the crusty clutch cable out for the new one. To get the new cable on I had to take the ball and ramp apart so I have a new lock ring on its way for me to go back in and replace the worn out old one. I just made a nice order from JPCycles.com Sunday night so my exhaust will be here Wednesday along with some other parts I need. The next time you see pics it will look like a chopper, but I'll still be short a few important pieces like an ignition system and coil. Plus I gotta get a new voltage regulator. I hope to test ride the bike this fall and then get it pretty over the winter to really ride by Spring.

The New starter is mounted.

You can see all the crap in the floor. Just so you know, puppy training pads are GREAT for catching oil spills while you're working.

The CRUSTY old clutch cable

The shiny new one.

Starting to look like a bike.

Beauty shot!

Artsy beauty shot!

Stay tuned I'll be getting more done soon and then it'll slow down while I go to the Bastard Bash, then the next weekend my work is moving to a new location and then Labor Day the family is taking a trip for my Birthday (not really, I'm just claiming that since it's happening on my Birthday).

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