Monday, May 21, 2012

Prepping For BMR And A Saturday Lunch Ride

I'll be heading out for the Big Mountain Run on Thursday so I needed to get some stuff done to the bike. I got the fluids changed last week and Saturday I changed the rear tire and repaired my saddlebag. Apparently I can lean a softail farther than I thought and I've worn a hole in my bag. I stopped by Tandy last week and picked up some leather and "chicago screws". When I get back I plan to repair my other bag (the first one I wore through) with a metal shoe, but for this trip I used leather to patch up this bag. All I'm really worried about is stuff falling out, the bags are not water proof anyway so this repair should be OK.

For a while now Loaf has been saying he wanted to come up and visit Larry's new shop and this weekend he finally made it. Basically all morning I worked on my bag a helped out whoever needed an extra hand since all of the jacks were being used. Loaf hung out with us and finally got to join in our fun time. Around lunch time we packed it up and headed off to get something to eat. We had some fine vittles at the local Jim & Nick's BBQ, met up with Roadside Marty then headed back to the shop where I eventually got my tire changed.

Once again I have a tire strapped on the bike looking kinda crazy, but getting what I needed done taken care of. (Thanks Larry for all the times you've helped me with this kinda stuff)

When I got there Spenser was painting some pieces for his bike.

The repair to the bag. It doesn't look like much, but even Ian agreed that it'll probably work.

Loaf dropped a glove on the way out of the driveway so we ended up behind the rest of them. Made for a cool pic though.

We finally caught up.

Loaf being Loaf and enjoying his sweet Ironhead.

He's a big ol' boy, but he looks at home on that bike.

Spenser getting a nice ride in on the shovel. This one is still for sale, see my previous post for details.

Sometimes I just point the camera and see what happens. Sometimes it looks pretty cool like this one. I had the camera zoomed in when I clicked the button and this is what I got.

This is what I was trying to get. Isn't that a handsome man?

Spenser hamming it up for the lens.

Making the turn onto Larry's road.


  1. It was a great Saturday, I'm gonna have to make this a more regular type thing. Have a safe trip man! Take lots of pics...I challenge you to get a pic of Butters smiling.

  2. bad boys are the best bikes ever made. not just saying it becuse i own one. nah, i'm just biased.