Monday, May 14, 2012

Made Some Progress On The Flyrite

I came across a nice polished aluminum lower tree on ebay a few weeks ago that already had the stem pressed out so I bought it. The current lower tree is a wrinkle black piece and I've never liked it. Plus I needed to add the fork stops and why not go internal while I'm at it? So here is what I've done so far....

Cut the cast on stops off the tree.

Got the big chunks off

Working on grinding it all down. It's not perfect, but it's close enough for now. I'll use my dremel tool later to get it smooth, then I can get it polished again and looking shiny.

Drilling the new holes in the tree to mount the fork stop.

You can see here where I've cut away the fork lock tab.

Holes drilled, tapped and test fitted.

Got the stem pressed in. After this I realized I still needed to drill the mounting hole for the headlight. I got it done, but forgot to take pictures. I'll show you the finished product sometime later. Hopefully next Saturday I'll get the trees swapped out and change the rear tire on the Bad Boy as well as do a bolt check on it before leaving out for BMR. If you make it to BMR come find me and say hello. I'm bad with names, but pretty good with faces and I'd really like to meet the folks who actually like to read the stuff I post.

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  1. Keep the pictures those Flyrite frames.