Monday, May 7, 2012

People Of The Roundup

The most popular pics of the Roundup will be the bike pics for sure, but my favorites are the people. The folks who showed up made this the great event that it is. I had SO much fun hanging out and getting to know new friends and getting back in touch with old friends. Basically, it was about friends. both old and new. Be sure you make your plans to be here next year, you'll really enjoy sitting on the cabin porches talking to folks or you may enjoy getting falling down drunk in front of the band stage., Either way you'll have fun.

Part of the camping area.

Getting out of the sun for a little while.

Ian and Ross starting to fire up the SERIOUS adult beverages.

Even the Haints showed up and hung out for a while.

Brandon and one of his bikes. Look for this one in a magazine soon.

"So there I was, strippers everywhere......"

I don't even want to know what Ashley had just seen.

THE Hate City crew hanging out while Alan was slinging ink.

Pat from Led Sled was there with the party bus.

I told you we sat around on the cabin porches. A.J. (from Mississippi), Kyle (Lowbrow), Dean (Dice mag), Raf (Conte Kustoms) and Carl (Local Good Dude) swapping lies and telling stories.

Finally stirring the next morning.

StogieJoe (QCB forum) and Loaf (QCB forum) sharing a little fun before hitting the road.

Tyler and Kyle heading to the lodge for the breakfast buffet.

FNA Eric. It was great hanging out, hope the Shovel got you home with no problems.

Marty entertaining the women as always.

Tyler and Ian saying goodbye.

Dean getting the scoop.

Marty telling "Evo Ian" goodbye. {Ian is trying to keep that name from sticking ;-) }

As I said, it's about the friends and the fun you have with your Brothers and Sisters. I'm looking forward to the BMR so I can do this all over again.


  1. Great job on the story and for the post here. I'm partial to the people picks as well. Good commentary and good luck to Ian from keeping that name from sticking. It really does have a nice ring to it, plus it was noted affection donated from Roadside. ;)