Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spenser's Shovel Is For Sale!

My Boy is growing up. Spenser is having some truck issues as well as other life crap getting in his way and instead of whining he's do what needs to be done. Namely letting go of the most dependable shovelhead I have ever seen. It's not an easy decision for him, but he does have a plan to stay on two wheels so it's not the end of the world. If you're interested in the bike Stewy says he will sell it as is or in any of the configurations shown below.  I've been around this bike since Spenser bought it and I can promise that it is one hell of a bike and if I had the money I wouldn't be making this post. If you're interested give Stewy a holler and see if you can work out a deal spensert5@gmail.com.

Hand jamming down the highway!

Taking that curve.

The springer was just added, but can be swapped to the old shaved narrow glide if you want. (Not my pic)

My Favorite picture I've ever taken of this bike.

My favorite version. (Not my pic)

Look at all the handmade pieces, and everyone of them were handmade by one of the best fabricators I know. (Not my pic)

Beauty shot. (Not my pic)

This bike was even featured in Dice magazine. Check out the article and give Spenser a shout so that he can get his stuff squared away. (Not my pic)

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