Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chopper Show Photodump Pt2

Pt 2 of the Chopper show Photodump. Lots more bikes for you to drool over and a few to laugh at as well.

Loved this Triumph, I guess because it looks a lot like mine.

Good job making a new Bonnie look cool.

Nice Royal Enfield. I'd like to have one of these to play with.

AJ's Sporty, he's gonna ride it till winter then make it super-cool!

A little bright for my tastes, but it had a few redeeming features.

WHY???? Why would you take a touring bike and make it unrideable??? There is absolutely NO suspension travel in the front forks.

Another bike I just don't understand!

At least this one is still rideable even if it is too gaudy for me.

Stay tuned, there's even more pics on the way!


  1. If those front wheels get any bigger, I think legally you will need an old derby/bowler hat and old-timey mustache to ride then.

  2. Have you seen the 'kits' to build v-twins using Enfield parts. One is by a guy named Australia. The other guy calls his The Enfield Musket v-twin I believe...They both have youtube vids.