Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Dixie Roundup and Dice Party!!!!

Y'all need to make it here for this party. GarCo parties are becoming World Famous! Attend one before they get so big you need an engraved invitation!!

Here is the info from Nick...

Here it is! April 30th 2011. The Dice Party in Birmingham, Alabama! We will also have a chopper show before the party put on by Garage Co. Customs. You don't want to miss this one. The plan is to have a radical chopper show at the Garage Co. Customs shop full of southern hospitality. Then, we'll get a mob together and ride through the city into beautiful downtown Birmingham to the party. The bar where the party will be held is in a historical spot in a super cool location. We might even get one of our famous dude lovin' dance parties started, who knows? It will definitely be worth coming to.

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  1. always wanted to visit the sunshine state...the Gar Co parties may just have to be a reason after I get back on my feet. maybe next year.