Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ed's Shovelhead

The man I bought my latest Sportster project from is Ed. He likes to buy basketcases and make them into sweet machines, sell em off and do it all over again. Some of the work he does himself, some is done by GarCo. Either way the bikes end up pretty nice. This bike was an old shovelhead that was pretty rough when I first saw it. There were no rear shocks and it had to be brought into the shop with a forklift because it wouldn't roll. It's come a long way since then. Check it out and bask in its FL glory!

Dig the cool lake pipes end caps Ross made for the bike. It looks pretty damn cool and sounds really nice.

Shane at  is getting pretty damn good at this leather gig. Another one made by him, it's kinda plain, but the craftsmanship is really nice.

Just getting a little artsy. You can really see the exhaust endcaps in this one.

Another picture to show my creativity. Gotta encourage the artist in me, one day I might actually show a little talent and figure out how to make some money to help pay for those chopper parts.

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