Friday, December 3, 2010

More Pics from Germany...Some Bikes and The Morning after!

Here are some more pics from back in the day. I think I may make Fridays the day for my vintage posts. If I don't find anything else cool to post at least I can have something up at least once a week.

Anyway these pics were taken at a rally somewhere in Germany that I was too hung over to remember. We would go for a nice long ride on Saturday and then ride in and set up at the fest grounds to party all night and then somehow find the strength to strap our crap to our bikes and then take a nice long ride home. It was a great time. I saw all kinds of cool bikes from vintage chops to VW trikes and even modern crotch rockets. You didn't see the attitudes there that you see here in the states. I sure do miss those times.

Nice VW trike, also it was OK for 2 guys to ride together over there. No one thought you were any less of a man, just because your bike was down or something. Dig the cool springer and the cheap hubcaps, build what ya can and ride the hell out of it.

Another trike, looks like he used a girder on this one and actually had some nice rims on the back.

A couple of beautiful Panheads. I'd love to have either one of these today.

One of the large tents I was talking about before. I felt sorry for the folks who had to walk around and clean up after these events. Drunks tend to be messy .

Another shot of the carnage, we were lucky we had pitched our tents in the woods off to the side of the tent so we were not rudely awakened by that bright ass sunlight.

Hope you enjoy these pics, I know I sure as hell enjoyed the events and happenings when I took them.


  1. Yeah those Germans know how to party, hell most all of Europe can throw down a good biker party for that matter!!!

  2. Hell yeah they can. A country cannot consume and brew that much beer and not be fun!