Sunday, December 19, 2010

Part 4 of Garage Company Customs and the Haints Know How to Throw a Party!

Here are some just general mayhem pics from the party. This is the last entry on this event. Enjoy the pics and be sure to give hell to anyone you meet from the party who allowed me to get goofy shots of them.

Robbie having fun in the spilled beer. Doughnuts are fun on a wet cement floor.

Robbie in the garbage can and Spenser trying to hump him or some shit like that.

Ashley likes to complain that she is always taking pics instead of being in them so I took her damn picture dammit!

More wet floor action!Robbie was wide ass open all night. He took a 20 something hour bus ride to get here and then never stopped the whole night. I'm sure he's STILL sleeping it off somewhere.

Big Dan giving out something he calls a jumpstart to get you going again after the alcohol starts to let you down. That is a greasy damn motorcycle chain he is hitting this dude with.

Nice greasy imprint, but by God this man was awake and ready to party after this!

The crazy white boys trying to dance drunk. Larry is trying to do the robot or something. I'm not sure what the hell he was doing.

Ashley was doing some crazy dance that I just had to get a picture of. She was nice and toasty by this point (she was letting Larry spin her on her back in the middle of the beer puddle just few minutes before this). She kept moving too fast for me to get some of the great dance moves she was doing.

And this concludes our party coverage. If you were not there YOU MISSED OUT!

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