Sunday, December 19, 2010

Part 2 of Garage Company Customs and the Haints Know How to Throw a Party!

This one will be short and sweet. I put my gear upstairs in the little parts balcony to keep it from getting soaked in beer. I decided to go upstairs and get a few pics of the shop with everything in full swing.

Looking toward the entrance area. The guys in front of the Buell are my good friends in the local Southern Cruisers chapter. Great guys and I enjoy riding with them whenever I can get a chance.

Turning toward the right, this is the area right outside the office. The guys with the flannel shirt and the "Independent: hoodie are the B.D.A.C. guys, Brunson and Alabama Joe from the Haints are right behind them. Lots of other folks were there that I either don't really know or can't recognize while I type this because I don't have my damn glasses on.

Through those doors is the Fab Room. The Astro Glide is on the floor just to the other side of the first lift. Spenser's Shovel is the bike on this side of the lift.

The middle area was left open as the approach path to the ramp and where the doughnuts and burnouts took place. That's Duane's bike on the sideways lift pointing to the right and Nick's new bike is pointing to the left.

The corner where the "sandbox" (bathroom) is located That's Larry the shop owner in the flannel and Shane the tattoo artist is the guy with the long ass beard.

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  1. thanx for the shirt jeff. i won't soon forget it. every time i hang with you fools, i meet more people i know i'll be hangin with in the future. you're an awesome dude and i enjoyed gettin ta know ya. till next time, brotha!