Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Party Pictures from Germany 1989-1991

Back in the day when I was stationed in Germany I rode with the Stray Dogs MC. It was a great group of folks who were mostly military like me, but we had enough locals to keep the club grounded with all the craziness of us G.I's getting transferred all the time. I'll post some club pics later but for now I want to put up some shots from the parties we went to. One thing I loved about Germany was that there were clubs in damn near every town and that meant that every weekend there was a big party somewhere fairly close. The club hosting the party would put up a huge Fest tent and have a band, a bar and food to buy right there in the tent. Some parties/tents were small like a couple of these shots show and some were huge like you'll see in another post. No matter what though the beer flowed, it was cheap and the we had a blast.

This was one of the bigger tents, you can see the edge of the stage has a wooden wall, that wall ran around two sides of the tent and enclosed the stage on the short end and the bar/food on the long side of the tent. Sometimes the band was Rockabilly like this one and sometimes it was pure Metal. Ya never knew til ya got there what you were going to hear.

Another picture from the same party, you can see that it got kinda muddy with the bikes running around. We would pull in, put up our personal tents then hit the bar for Beer. Some parties we would get crazy and we would ride our bikes through the tent with someone on the back to hold the beers till we got back to our club enclave.

A local club's colors. Some clubs were big and active and you would see them everywhere (we tried to be like that). Others were kinda small and you would run into them once in a while. It was always a good time though.

This pic is from the IceRun. It was a party held over News Years and you HAD to ride in to be able to party there. It was fun dodging the snow/ice to get to the place. The tent was small because not that many folks had the intestinal fortitude to ride in. We all got a certificate for making it though. This one was fun because the band asked me to ride my bike in the tent when they played "Born to Be Wild". I was trashed, but I somehow made it without falling over. By the way, back in those days the old songs were not as played out as they are today. It was still cool back then.

Another pic from the IceRun. Looking at the back of the tent.

When the whole club went on a run a hang around usually brought a van with all the food and other crap we might want, but wouldn't put on our bikes. It seems we had quite the spread at this party.

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  1. Ah the ice run... nothing like waking up at dawn freezing... needing to pee... and putting your foot out into snow!
    I just look back and shake my head. We did some crazy stuff when we were young.