Sunday, December 19, 2010

Garage Company Customs and the Haints Know How to Throw a Party!

Last night was the GarCo Christmas Party and it was a total BLAST! It was by far the best attended party of the year even if only a few of us braved the weather and rode. I had a chilly ride home but it was worth it. Let's see....where to begin? They built a skate ramp in the shop this week and it was in use the entire night and pretty much anything with wheels and a few things without wheels went up this beast. Ross made some KILLER Brunswick Stew that gave everybody gas, but tasted excellent! People came from all over to attend. The B.D.A.C. crew came over from Atlanta and took the shirt off my back (literally), Robbie came back from Austin or where ever he was to attend and most importantly to me my friend Scott Alvarez (Flatbroke Blog) made it up from Pensacola FL and brought his tattoo gear (you'll see more on that in another post). I took so many good pics that I'll have to split this up into a few posts so be sure to read them all.

Spenser is more of a BMX guy than a skatepunk so he decided to show these guys how to get some air!

Duane tracked down Haint Nick's old Sporty the Weed Steed and brought it back home. He tore it apart and is redoing it right. The guys showed up with his finished paint last night so of course they had to get it into "roller" status to show it off. The paint looks GREAT!

As usual, mini bikes and mini choppers were ridden in anger. These crazies even took it up the ramp.

Shane from One Stop Art spent some time showing these guys how to fully utilize the ramp.

Joe and Cindy own the shop next door to GarCo. They knew the kind of scene it would be and HAD to stick around to see all the craziness.

More pics to come so stay tuned! There are 4 parts to this so keep going if they get bumped off the first page of the blog.

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