Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Saturday's Lunch Ride

Things are getting squared away at the new shop and it's time to get back top the Saturday Lunch Rides! This time Ashley actually rode with Larry on his new Panhead, Bart joined us, and we went to a Mexican place I've never been to before. A good way to pick up the old tradition at the new location.

This bike still has a linkert so the first start of the day takes some work. Larry showed off his new kicking style after he started to get tired.

Bart on his Crossbones.....or at least what USED to be a Crossbones.

Ian on his mightly XL leaving the shop.

Yeah, we're waiting on the Larry and Spenser ;-)

Here they come.

Spenser with his new springer front end on the shovel. I think this is version 756 for this bike.

I love this area, the roads are beautiful.

Larry and Ashley as I was catching up to them.

She looks MUCH happier on the back of a bike then she's ever looked in a car or truck!

It seems like almost every picture I took of Bart some part of my handlebars got in the way.

Spenser passing through the green fields.

Time to get our grub on!

Larry was going a little crazy from hunger.

Time to go! Mathew got his started quickly.

The road home.

Once again we had a great time and I'm looking forward to more great rides in the future.

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