Friday, April 20, 2012

Making a Tire Swing Outside The Shop

Short post today, I'm dealing with some medical issues that keeping me from concentrating on writing. Ashley decided she wanted a rope swing outside the shop so of course we jumped in to make it happen. Spenser and Bart got the rope over the limb, Larry and Bart got the rope tied, I took pictures and added enough weight to get the knots to tighten up nice and tight.

Took awhile to get the rope over the limb, but it finally happened.

Bart testing the knots.

Ashley taking a turn and of course Chubbs wants to join in and eat the tire.

Larry giving it a go and dodging Chubbs too.

Mathew;s turn with Chubbs.

Bart had to do some acrobatics to avoid the "fangs of death".

Larry pumping his body to get some height.

My turn to go, we know the knots are tight after my big ass got off of it.

Stay tuned the Dixie Round up is a week from Saturday and it's going to be GREAT!!!

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