Monday, April 16, 2012

Larry Got A Panhead

Last weekend Larry and Ashley went over to Georgia to pick up Larry's new bike. We had no idea that he was going over to get a near perfect original "52 Panhead. This bike is BEAUTIFUL!!! It even has the damn Linkert carb on it. Be sure and bring your happy butt on out to the Dixie Roundup in two weeks and you can see it for yourself. In the meantime enjoy the pics.

Look at that sweet beast! Although personally I'm kinda partial to that 17 year old sweetie in the background ;-)

It's ready for Johnny Cash to walk on out and take a ride.

Gotta love a Pan. This ain't no chrome queen, this is a sweet rider that could win awards at an antique event for sure.

There I am trapped in the shifter ball.

I love the looks of a tank shift set up.

The old stuff has so many graceful curves, not like the squared off billet covers you buy today.

I love the looks of those heads.

Cool bird design on the rear fender tip.

Doesn't look like any modern coil does it?

I escaped the shifter knob only to get trapped in the derby cover instead.

It was a pain to start that first time, but after that it cranked right up. Gotta love a Linkert.

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