Monday, April 9, 2012

Helped Ian Get His Brakes Workin'

Larry and Ashley went out of town this weekend so the shop was closed. That didn't stop the chopper fun from happening though. I talked to Ian and found out that he was over at Bama-Billy's house trying to finish up the caliper change on his XL. Bill was out of town and sometimes you need an extra hand so I headed on over there to help out. Ian's caliper was leaking and acting up so they had drilled it out and put an insert in it to make the threads seal. Unfortunately it didn't work that well so a new caliper was sourced from the usual place. Saturday while Ian was putting it all together it was discovered that the threads in the new caliper didn't match with the threads on the stoplight pressure switch that doubled as the banjo bolt as well. I told Ian about the stock brake light switch set up on my softail and it was decided that a similar set up would work better on his bike as well. So off we went to the HD dealer to get a banjo bolt and order the new pressure switch adapter.

Ian trying to make it work.

My favorite parts guy, Jeremy at Heart of Dixie HD. I used to work here and I know Jeremy will take care of me. He's the kind of guy that doesn't know everything, but he actually cares about getting you what you need. If he doesn't know he will tell you and then go try to find someone who does know so that you can get what you need and get back at it. If you need something go see Jeremy and tell him I sent ya.

Got the new banjo bolt and got back to work. It took a while because the rear pad decided to screw with us, but we finally got it to fit back together and got the caliper bled. Once the new parts come in the new line and the pressure switch set up will get worked into the system. In the meantime we know the new caliper works and Ian can ride a little if he needs to.

Pulling it out for the test ride.

Ian's XL in all it's Chopper Glory!

Kick that damn thing to life!

And a successful test ride ensued with Ian knowing he has a better brake now than he had before. There is not many more parts that can need attention after all the work he's done so maybe soon this bike will decide to just go for a while and not want so much attention.

Remember! Ride It Like You Know How To Fix It!!!!

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