Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Saturday Lunch Ride Photo Dump

Saturday's lunch ride was great except for Bill's ignition frying, luckily Jesse and Spenser were following us in Jesse's truck so we loaded Bill up and kept on rolling. We had lunch at Beverly's in Columbiana and it was great as usual. Enjoy the pics and be sure to look for me at the Dixie Roundup this weekend.

Ready to go.....

Mathew and his sweetie.

Ashley & Larry on the Fity2.


Ridin' some more....

Damn old bikes breaking down!

Going through old town Columbiana.

Old bike in an old town....

The famous shot seen on 10 different Istagrams this Saturday. I didn't use my phone for me version ;-P


'Round the traffic circle.

Over my should shot of Chopper Ed.

Life is just a blur sometimes!


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