Monday, June 24, 2013

Bikes Of The Triumph Superbike Weekend (Part 2)

Here are the rest of the pics. Not much to add except that I hope you like them.

I want everyone to know that I AM trying to keep the blog current and reasonably up to date. It's been a weird year and I haven't gotten out to do as much bike stuff as I have in the past. Hopefully you'll keep coming back since there is some really cool stuff coming up!

Sweet Pre-Unit Triumph outside the Triumph tent.

Close up of the business end of this machine.

Drive side.

This one is kinda weird, it's trying to be an HD boardtrack style bike, but it's still kinda neat if for no other reason than the craftsmanship is good.

Kawaski W650. This bike was designed and released back before Triumph had built the new Bonneville. It was a really cool bike and should have been more popular. This person took his and decided to make it look like a BSA. Personally I would have just bought a BSA, they're dirt cheap, or at least they used to be.

Cool little Lambretta with a vintage wooden Bud case on the rack. I like the box even if I do hate the swill they call beer.

Front view.

Late 60's Bonneville.

Another view.

Bad ass Honda 6 cylinder Cafe Bike.

From the front.

I really like this sidecar rig. Wouldn't mind having it for myself.

That's it for the non-race bikes.  Until next time, ride your damn bike! And take pictures of what you see!


  1. Some nice bikes there. BSA's used to be cheap...glad I bought mine when I did. Funny, I read where the new Triumph company tested out there engines installed in Kawa W650 rolling chassis until they had developed their own. The first Kawa 650 twins in the '60's, which were originally 'Meguro,' were basically clones of the old pre-unit A-10 BSA 650's. Goes back and forth I guess...maybe the owner was making an 'inside joke' about his bikes heritage...? Saw a 2000 W650 for sale today,had only 144 miles on it...for $6500/BO. Sounds like a deal.

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