Thursday, August 12, 2010

Going to the Bastard Bash Next Weekend!!!!

I'll be heading out Fri. the 20th for Deals Gap to attend the Bastard Bash put on by the guys from the Quad Cam Bastards forum. Basically a weekend of hanging out with guys who love to chop Sportsters. I've been a forum member over there for quite a few years so I guess they're letting me slide for a bit while I work on getting another Sporty. I'll be riding up with Spenser and Nick from the Haints and maybe a few others if they can get it up to ride with us.

In honor of this party I thought I'd post some pics of the various Sportsters I've owned over the years.

The latest bike was a 77 (click the link for more details) that I picked up cheap and stripped to the bare frame before building it back. I had to let it go to pay some $$ to Uncle Sam. Not happy about it, but that's the way it goes.

This is my 75 that I bought while I was home on leave from Germany. This pic was taken in Cherokee NC while I was on my way to report in at Ft. Bragg. You can't see in this pic, but the back of the bike was COVERED in duffel bag and a ton of other crap. This trip I'll be traveling lighter.

This is the 75 after I got out of the Army and finished chopping it. The pic sucks, but it's the only one I took while I had this one on the road. (more pics here)

This was my very first Sportster a 1989 XL Hugger! I bought it in Germany through the PX and rode the hell out of it while I was there. Put over 36K miles on it in about 2 years. This pic was the very FIRST time I ever threw my leg over her. It was a great bike and I wish I still had it.

This is what the 89 looked like by the time I got it back stateside. The tank was painted in a shower in the barracks by a buddy of mine using auto touch-up paint. Then he hand pinstriped the flames. I added the older ironhead front fender to keep it from looking too new. This was the early 90's so I didn't have to means to do the kind of chopping to it that I would do these days. Hope you enjoy the pics and I KNOW I'll have fun next weekend ;-) (more pics)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Congrats to Larry and Spenser @ Garage Company Customs.

Just found out that Larry and Stewy were named one of Cycle Source Magazine's NEXT GENERATION AND BEYOND BUILDERS for Sturgis 2010. These guys work hard and create some beautiful machines. If it wasn't for them I sure as hell wouldn't have my Triumph as close to riding as it is. At lest we forget the ever present Nick has been a big part of my experience at the shop as well. He may be really weird, but he has good taste in bikes and is working hard to learn everything he can. Y'all go by and check out the shop and if you need any parts or work performed give them a shot at it. You won't be sorry!