Monday, April 30, 2012

What A Great Weekend (short post)

This weekend was unreal, I'm still processing it in my head. That means of course that this is a short post to wet your appetite and I'll post more later.......

I rode over Saturday morning with Clay.

Took a picture of Bill taking a picture....

I led the ride from the party to the Barber's museum Saturday morning and we all made it....

3 of my favorite people, Roadside Marty, Ashley and Larry from Garco about to announce the Chopper show winners.

One of my favorite bikes of all time. Roadside Marty's Knuckle.

More to come so stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Saturday Lunch Ride Photo Dump

Saturday's lunch ride was great except for Bill's ignition frying, luckily Jesse and Spenser were following us in Jesse's truck so we loaded Bill up and kept on rolling. We had lunch at Beverly's in Columbiana and it was great as usual. Enjoy the pics and be sure to look for me at the Dixie Roundup this weekend.

Ready to go.....

Mathew and his sweetie.

Ashley & Larry on the Fity2.


Ridin' some more....

Damn old bikes breaking down!

Going through old town Columbiana.

Old bike in an old town....

The famous shot seen on 10 different Istagrams this Saturday. I didn't use my phone for me version ;-P


'Round the traffic circle.

Over my should shot of Chopper Ed.

Life is just a blur sometimes!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some Weekend Fun

Saturday was a fun day. I got a little work accomplished, but I'm getting tired more easily among other stuff so I kinda hung around and just enjoyed being around my Brothers.

Not long after I got there Larry was spinning yarns and telling war stories.......

While Ashley was busy paying attention and doting on her man.......I mean ignoring our dumbasses and waiting on something fun to happen.

I got started modifying the new lower triple tree I got for the flyrite. Did a little cutting and grinding.....

Then did some more grinding and shaping until I got it close.....

Now to finish it up, drill and tap the holes for the internal fork stops and polish it back up nice and pretty.

Ashley need some junk moved from the front porch and loaded in the truck to take to the dump later, first it had to be broken down and of course you know this crew loves to tear shit up. ...

Some baby birds in a nest on the porch. We kept away from them, but I still got a pic to share.

The bikes parked outside the shop. This weekend is the Dixie Roundup, you need to bring your ass on out to play. We're gonna have fun!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Making a Tire Swing Outside The Shop

Short post today, I'm dealing with some medical issues that keeping me from concentrating on writing. Ashley decided she wanted a rope swing outside the shop so of course we jumped in to make it happen. Spenser and Bart got the rope over the limb, Larry and Bart got the rope tied, I took pictures and added enough weight to get the knots to tighten up nice and tight.

Took awhile to get the rope over the limb, but it finally happened.

Bart testing the knots.

Ashley taking a turn and of course Chubbs wants to join in and eat the tire.

Larry giving it a go and dodging Chubbs too.

Mathew;s turn with Chubbs.

Bart had to do some acrobatics to avoid the "fangs of death".

Larry pumping his body to get some height.

My turn to go, we know the knots are tight after my big ass got off of it.

Stay tuned the Dixie Round up is a week from Saturday and it's going to be GREAT!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Saturday's Lunch Ride

Things are getting squared away at the new shop and it's time to get back top the Saturday Lunch Rides! This time Ashley actually rode with Larry on his new Panhead, Bart joined us, and we went to a Mexican place I've never been to before. A good way to pick up the old tradition at the new location.

This bike still has a linkert so the first start of the day takes some work. Larry showed off his new kicking style after he started to get tired.

Bart on his Crossbones.....or at least what USED to be a Crossbones.

Ian on his mightly XL leaving the shop.

Yeah, we're waiting on the Larry and Spenser ;-)

Here they come.

Spenser with his new springer front end on the shovel. I think this is version 756 for this bike.

I love this area, the roads are beautiful.

Larry and Ashley as I was catching up to them.

She looks MUCH happier on the back of a bike then she's ever looked in a car or truck!

It seems like almost every picture I took of Bart some part of my handlebars got in the way.

Spenser passing through the green fields.

Time to get our grub on!

Larry was going a little crazy from hunger.

Time to go! Mathew got his started quickly.

The road home.

Once again we had a great time and I'm looking forward to more great rides in the future.