Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dixie Roundup Is Starting to build up!!

It's the night before the Roundup! Tomorrow it all comes together and you need to make it out for the show and party. I stopped by the shop today and some folks are already in town and starting to have fun. Check it out and make sure you bring yourself and a few friends out to the show!!!

Spenser heading home to get something.

Some rearranging was done in the lobby area of the shop. I see Ashley's touch in this ;-)

The guys from LedSled are already here!

Nick got this vest from someone and I think it fits him quite nicely.

Shane thrashing to get his bike ready. If he can do it so can you!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Show Is A Go!

Copied and pasted this from the GarCo blog. We WILL be having a good time Saturday......

We've had some calls this morning asking if the show is still a go.  The tornadoes missed us by about 20 miles but several areas near us were destroyed.  As far as traveling, all the interstates are open and there should be no problem getting to us.  Please pray for everyone that was affected by the storm, they need it…

Me Being Artsy.

I was bored last week and had a moment of inspiration. I decided to take some pics I like, play with them in Photoshop and see what I could come up with. Basically I used threshold, layers (lots of layers) and the paint brush along with a couple of other small tools. Hope ya like em. All of these pics have been posted here at some point in the past if you feel like digging and looking for them.

Spenser doing a wheelie

Me and Spenser at the Christmas party.

The pic Spenser took of me.

Larry and Ashley riding Dixie Wrecked.

Larry on Dixie Wrecked during a magazine photoshoot at Barber's during the Vintage Festival.

Nick on Spenser's bike outside the shop.

Spenser making me some spacers for the Sportster chop.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Riding Pics (Part 2)

Saved the Best for today. I'm finally getting the hang of taking pics while riding beside folks. Still need a LOT of practice on taking pics of folks coming towards me. I won't even try to show you those pics, if they sucked any harder your roof would cave in. Anyway, here's the good shots, hope you like them.

Spenser with his newest tank. His "pretty" one got a small leak and made a gas bubble in the paint. Shane is going to try and fix it, but in the meantime Stewie bought a new tank and laid down a nice simple black and white scheme. It looks REALLY good and original. In a way I dig it more than the other one.

Brunson heading out on his new ride.

Ian and his ironhead.

Larry on a nice FL that is for sale. Go to for more info or just call the shop.

Nick on his sweet shovel, this bike has such a bad ass stance rolling down the road.

And another shot since it came out pretty well.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Riding Pics (Part 1)

Another lunch ride this Saturday. I'm going to make this a two day post just because I can If you want to see more of these bikes then bring your butt out to the Dixie Roundup this upcoming Saturday. All of these bikes will be there (except I plan to be on the Triumph instead of the softail).

Turning into "Charlie's Chitlins". One of my oldest friend's Dad (R.I.P. Mr Brock) used to call all sit down restaurants by this name. Now it's kind of a tradition for me do it too. That's what you get when you talk to us country folks.

On the ride there.

Ian "Big Pink" at the stop light on the way out.

We pulled over to let Brunson turn around and catch up so I tried to take this pic of Larry on the Shovel as he pulled out. I hit the button too quick and the shot came out super blurry so I decided to make it kinda artsy and used a "watercolor" filter on it in photoshop. Not a great pic now, but at least you don't get a headache trying to focus on it.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Brunson Gets A Ride!!!

My good friend Nick Brunson FINALLY got another bike. He got taken out by a little old lady on his old bike last year and has been dealing with that BS for a while now. He finally got things in order enough to get himself a another cool bike. He had picked up a cheap jap chop to ride but it was only temporary. The bike he ended up with belonged to our friend Patrick so it's stayed in the family. Nick is in the process of making it his own so be ready to see more pics as it progresses down the road. After these pics were taken he ripped the tanks off and was replacing them. I had to leave before he finished, but it was already looking much different.

The temporary Jap Chop

Brunson rolling down the road

Sitting at the stop light

Heading out to rack up a few more miles.

Stay tuned for more pics of this one as it changes over time.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Space At Work

People ask me if I work at the GarCo and I have to tell them no, I just damn near live there on Saturdays. I work at a company called and we sell carbide inserts and tools for machine shops over the internet. I work with two other guys who are great and also ride bikes. They're not chopperheads like I am but that's OK everybody is into what they're into and as long as they ride I'm OK with that. Since there are only 3 of us we all do a little bit of everything, but my main jobs are shipping and cust svc. In the back of our building we have a small warehouse area, but we don't really use it to store stock, we use it to work on our bikes ;-) One one side of the room is our bike lift and shelves where we keep the fun stuff and on the opposite side is where I do my shipping stuff. When I started, the back area was bare and boring, but I have been working on changing that. I started out by cutting apart some old calendars and then started printing pictures I liked. Some of these are images I saved from Ritchie Pan's blog, some are from Chop Cult and some are pics I took as well as some odd pics I've found here or there. My garage space at home is pretty small so I've tried to make this area as cool as I can instead.

Over all view of my work area. I made the Triumph banner when I worked at a print/sign shop a few years ago.

Most of these pics are from old calendars with a centerfold from BSH just for fun.

Lots of cool art here. Some from Ritchie Pan, some from wherever I found it and some are just pics I stole from Chop Cult.

Some of these are pics I stole from Josh

The opposite side of the room. You can see the lift down there and normally there are two other bikes next to mine. Bill & Brian were at lunch when  took this one.

I know most folks won't care about this post, but I wanted to let people know what the deal is and also to share my fun collection of pics. I printed most of them on cardstock with a standard inkjet printer. If you find cool stuff print it out and put it on the garage wall!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another Sneak Preview!

Just a couple of preview shots of the Triumph. It is ALMOST done. The last few pieces should be here by Tuesday. Be sure you make it to the Dixie Roundup NEXT Saturday so you can see the bike's debut with its new look.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Saturday's Ride.

Another Saturday lunch. I was on my way to the shop when I passed everyone going the other way so I whipped a u-turn and followed them. Turns out it was Larry's Birthday  and Ashley had a cake and we got to wear party hats  ;-)

Larry handles those candles like he's been doing this for 35 years!

I don't know what the hell Ian is trying to do to Moon in this pic, but I think Moon is trying to get away at least .

Larry firing up the Pan the old fashioned way.

Rolling out of the parking lot.

The intersection that y'all love to see so much.

Moon and that righteous XLCH his Dad built back in the day.

Larry riding that Pan!

That Beast has some go power!

Moon cruises on by.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ya Got Any Drag Pipes For a 70's Shovel?

Saturday I was at the shop when this Lady walks in and asks Larry if he has any drag pipes for her Shovelhead. Of course he didn't have em in stock, but she was willing to order them and in the meantime she's going to take the pipes off and wrap them. I don't know what's cooler, her supporting the local shop, her doing the work herself or the fact that she owns/rides and maintains her own damn Shovelhead. Gotta love it.

The Lady and her noble steed.

Getting ready to ride off to the auto parts store for pipe wrap.

You can see the offending pipes pretty well in this one. Otherwise it's a damn nice looking bike. She's talking about getting rid of the raked trees to make it handle a little better.

Classic lines!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Going into the old files.....

Since I haven't gotten out much because of the pollen I thought I'd post some older pics I've had laying around the harddrive. This old Sporty was built on the cheap by one of my old customers back when I worked at the dealership. It's a 75 XLCH and came out REALLY nice with almost all of the work done by the owner Tommy.

This was my old brake caliper and it had a stripped out bleeder. Tommy said he could make it work so I gave it to him. Not only did he repair it and make it work he took an ugly grey worn out looking brake and cleaned it up and polished it until it sparkled.

I know purple is an unusual color but it works on this bike. You can see the beauty from a mile away.

Yeah, I know my finger got in the way. It was my phone's camera so what do you expect.

Good view of the funking shifter arrangement made necessary when the Feds mandated left side shift for all bikes in '75.

Tommy used a skull derby cover on his A/C. Kinda neat in a weird way.