Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Nice Sunday Ride With Some Custom Cousins

It seems that everyone has been tied up with stuff lately so it was a great thing for us to be able to get away and ride for a little while this Sunday. Bill and Whitey couldn't make it, but ya gotta take care of the family first. Ian, Ross and I met at Ross' house and after catching up for a few minutes took off for some fun.
Ross showing off his new "cruise control" he picked up for his bike. He and Ian are gathering all the goodies and making all the mods they need to hit the El Diablo run with Bill in May.

Ian checking out one of the 10 million cool pieces Ross has made for this bike.

Ross' frame table is almost done and ready for Ross to begin building his CB750.

Ian's shovel sitting at the curb waiting for the latest shakedown run. Ian is trying to get as many miles as he can on the bike to work out all the bugs before he gets to Mexico.

And away we go!

Somehow caught up with Ross. Actually he held it down to a nice pace today.

Following my Brothers down some fun country roads.

Starting to find a few curves.

And some more of them.

We stopped to take a break and to check for loose parts. We did pretty good, one exhaust nut had fallen off Ian's shovel. Not bad for a bike that was in a million pieces not that long ago. I must say that it was nice to ride behind an old FLH with the full fender and bags without seeing the rear fender and other parts shaking all over and in different directions. This bike is proving to be a good solid build.

The place Ross led us to was a cannonball factory during the Civil War and today is a nice park with some of the parts of the factory grounds recreated. Across the street is the remains of a mustard gas factory from WWI. I plan to get back out here with my Wife and our cameras so you'll see more pics later.

About ready to ride again.

The ride back.

We went through Columbiana on the way back. It's a nice small Southern town with lots of old south charm. After this we got back to Ross' where we hung out for a few then headed on home to get ready for the new week.

I really like how the parked pic of Ian's bike came out so I played with it a little and thought I'd share.

That's all for now. Catch ya later!

Monday, February 11, 2013

World Of Wheels 2013

This weekend was the World of Wheels show. It's not much, but it does help us get through the cold months. As usual there were not a lot of cool bikes, but there were some pretty cool cars. Here are a few from the upstairs exhibition hall. Later I'll post some fro the downstairs area.

New version of the old Morgan 3 wheeler powered by a motorcycle engine. In this case a nice new X-Wedge from S&S.

This truck was pretty cool, the paint stood out, but it wasn't too shiny or perfect. I really liked it.

I can't believe anyone still owns one of these monstrosities. Unrideable and useless as a motorcycle, but I guess as long as he digs it I can't say much. Just don't expect me to be impressed.

A couple of pics of the flatheads Vini brought to the show. Moon from the Haints works with Vini and they out did themselves on these two.

The other truck they did This one took first place in its class. It deserved it for sure!

Another view.

I still don't understand why people would pay money to put their stock bikes in this show.

Last time I saw this car it was at the Nascar museum at Talledega. Glad to see it cleaned up and on display. It seems that back in the day the Alabama State Troopers had good taste in cars.

I just dig this wagon and wouldn't mind having it myself.

This model Road Runner is my all time favorite of the 60's muscle cars. I don't know why, something about it just gets me. I really like the taillights on this model, but I didn't get a picture because people were in the way.

I'll have more pics posted soon so keep checking back.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ready For Warmer Weather!

The weather keeps teasing us with a warm day here and there, but I'm ready for warm sunny weekends and riding with my crew! Here's some pics from the 2011 BMR just because I came across them and wanted to post them. Hope to see ya on the road somewhere this year!

Jeremy is looking forward to warm weather too!

I love old places like this. It's like a snapshot back in time.

The FNA crew! Glad I've gotten to hang out with these guys. Can't wait for next time.

Sweet Sporty. This one ended up in a couple of magazines.

Another on that made it into print.

Bill and his bad ass XS650. This one was in the Horse and is still running strong today. Bill is planning to take it to the El Diablo Run.

Ian and his Sporty before he got knee deep into making it live up to its potential. After many changes this bike ended up super sweet. It's gone now, but it will ALWAYS be one of my favorite Ironheads.

Ross the Boss and his Winnabago. He's made racks for this bike, new storage areas inside the body and all kinds of other sweet mods. It's going to El Diablo too. Makes me wish I could make it knowing that Ian, Bill and Ross are going. But that's life.

That's it for now, I figured a lot of folks missed these pics the first time I posted, plus I was feeling Roadsick. Hope ya like em!

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Gathering Of Inbreds And Friends

A couple of weeks ago Bill decided to have a small gathering while his wife was out of town. So he called up his fellow Inbreds plus a few other friends and we all got together for some hot dogs and Conecuh sausage. When we got there we all hung out upstairs on the car port where the grill was. Once the food was consumed it was time to head downstairs to see the progress on Bills 60's XLCH. Unfortunately JT had to leave right about this time so he's not in any of the pics, but it was good to have him make it out to hang with us. We ended up hanging out for a while and basically just having a good time. This time of year little get togethers like this are truly needed to help keep sane. Check out the pics and look for us out on the road!

Gathering in Bill's work area in the basement.

The beautiful motor that Rick at Rick's Cycle Parts rebuilt and beautified as well.

Whitey is contemplating the huge empty spot in the middle of the frame. Loaf is amazed to see a drum brake and I think Ross and Ian are checking out Loaf's ass.

Ross is making a list of all the cool machine work he can do to make this even better. Ian is thinking "get your ass home and finish my triple trees before you add another project".

Apparently Bill didn't like what he heard! That or someone farted and he just smelled it.

Whitey wishes he had a new throttle cable so he could ride some.

Kick ass looking light Bill found to work with the classic sporty "eyebrow". I can't wait to see how this works out.

Loaf has finally resigned himself to the fact that I AM going to take pictures so he might as well enjoy it.

Ross is digging the tunes.

Whitey telling a story.

Ian is listening to him.

Bill modeling his new fork covers. These are some OLD ones that are made for the old sporty forks. They are actually cast pieces and not just shaped sheetmetal.

Bill picked up a cool Bell helmet with a really cool liner. Everyone wanted to try it on, but it seemed to fit like this on everyone. Just for grins I tried it on too and guess what....IT FIT! So Bill gave it to me and I'll get to style and profile with it this year.

Bill also has this helmet with a really small shell, but no liner in it so everyone had to pose with it too.

Look at it on that big ass noggin that Ross calls a head.

That's us baby, a bunch of damn Inbred Bastards!

The work area where Bill makes the magic happen.

As I was getting ready to leave, I saw this on Bill's desk. Not only was I amazed to see an actual cassette, but it was a Sex Pistols cassette! I was in nostalgia heaven for a minute.

That's it for now. I've managed to pull some back muscles so I haven't gotten out much to take pics and can't really work on the chopper till I heal. I'm not ignoring the blog, I just haven't had much to post. It'll pick up soon.