Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bikes Of The Triumph Superbike Weekend (Part 1)

This weekend was the Triumph Superbike races at Barber's Motorsports Park. I was lucky enough to have a good friend give me some passes so that I could make it out there. I had a great time and got some cool pics. Today's post is the first of two showing some of the vintage and otherwise cool bikes, I'm sure I'll also post some of the racing pics as well, but for now let's start with these.

Triumph as the corporate sponsor had a big display tent with lots of new bikes, plus quite a few custom Triumphs and even vintage bikes. It was too crowded in the tent to take many pics, but here one of the cool ones outside the tent.

Nice Triumph with Georgia plates. Very similar to my own Triumph so of course I like it.

Another view.

Close up of the motor. I like the Dice timing cover.

The other side.

Artsy shot of the tank.

Nice vintage CB in the Sales Corral. They set up an area where you could leave your bike and they would try to sell it for you.

CB750F in the Sales Corral.

They also had a bike show on the little spur where the Wall of Death sits during the Vintage Fest. One of those bikes was this Confederate Hellcat. I haven't really like Confederate sin JT Nesbitt left, but it was kinda cool to see this one with an X-Wedge motor.

Close up of the motor with the gear drive set up replaced with a belt system.

Nice old Triumph. The rack on the gas tank was the inspiration for the rack on the rear of my own Triumph.

Old HD Boardtrack racer.

Another view.

I think this is an old Harley JD model, but I'm not sure.

Whatever it is it sure looked good!

That's it for today, I'll have more soon so be sure to check em out, and don't forget to follow me on Instagram at "kustomjeff"


  1. "It's a small world after all..." about a half hour before you posted this, my neighbor who hails from Illinois was telling me how his good buddy from back home had called him and told him about buying a Honda CB 750 for $2800.00, at a swap meet connected with the races at that 'big track' in Alabama. After zooming in on the price tag of the one you posted here, gotta believe that's the same bike.
    Been checking out your Instagram pics. Gotta say your wife's got some good pics as well.
    Some nice bikes there, will be checking back in...

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