Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weekend With My Bros!

Last weekend was the best weekend of the year so far! We had a nice long ride and then a night of camping at Paul .M Grist State Park. We took off fairly early to go to another event, but bike shakedown issues caused us to call it off and head to the campsite early. I'm glad it did, we had a great day of hanging out and having fun shaking off the leftover Winter Blues. At the same time we added a another Inbred to our limbless family tree. As usual this time of year my allergies were killing me so I looked like a train robber with a bandana over my face the whole time we were riding (allergies is also why it's taken so long to post this). But I didn't let it slow me down. This post is about the ride and the next one will cover the camping. Enjoy the pics and be sure to comment and let me know you're actually reading the stuff I put up here......

Gas stop before we head out. Poor Whitey has just changed jobs and hopefully soon will be able to get his bike back on the road.

Under way leaving Alabaster

We stopped to rendezvous with Loaf since he had to come up from Montgomery. There was some confusion over the meeting point so we had to wait for him to find us. Ian and Bill amused themselves while we waited.

Yayyy!!! Loaf made it!!!

And away we went!

I love long sweeping curves.

I like em even more in the woods.

Playing around in post-production.

Ian's bike looks great and gets better every time I see it.

Bill leading the way!

Check back later for the rest of the trip!


  1. Good post, congrats to Loaf!

  2. I'm here, Jeff. Always look forward to your posts.

  3. Pollen wore me out this past weekend...yall ride safe!