Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring 2013 Bama Swap & Drag Was A Blast

Once again it was time for the twice a year Bama Swap & Drag. They just keep getting better every time so it's going to take a few days to post the pics I want to share. Be sure to keep checking back until I get them all up.

To start things off a bunch of people showed up on Friday to set up and it seems they had a good time. I wasn't one of them because I had to work. This time for a change I DID want to take stuff to sell so I loaded up the new 1979 Chevy truck and took off about 5:30 Saturday morning to make the show. Got there in plenty of time and got my stuff unloaded and set up with my Inbred Brothers. Luckily Ian was in MAKE money mode not spend it so he was kind enough to hang out and do a much better job than I would have of selling my stuff. The day was sunny and we all had a good time. Things changed later in the day, but I'll tell you about that in a later post. For now check out the pics and be sad that you were not there.

Took this with my phone on the way out. I had to stop and get a bite at the gas station because the food places weren't open yet. Made a stop about a half hour later for some killer Jack's ham biscuits!

Nick, Flounder, Dills and other assorted Haints and friends were checking out RTW Doug's booth next to ours. For some reason I didn't get a pic of our stuff this time.

There's Rick (with the beard), one of the people responsible for this mess...I mean show. He and his son Michael do a great job of getting things arranged and making sure we all have a good time.

I am SO glad my friend Hugh from Hugh's Handbuilt made it down from Ashville, NC. I don't get to see this guy often enough. If you need cool stuff for your XS650 ESPECIALLY an engine rephased he is the man to see.

Cool old Arlin Ness parts for sale.

This bike was a cover bike for Street Chopper back in the day. Glad to see it got rescued before the guy who had it completely ruined it.

Cool seat for sale.

This was not just a bike swap, there was stuff for old Hot Rods there as well. A few really cool cars made the show too.

I love the teardrop camper that rolled in with this old Rod.

Witt and Michael doing a deal.

Ben from Benderworks was across from our site. Another great guy that I wish I could hang out with more often.

Ben's site. Check out that killer van he drives. I love that thing!

This guy took a Kicker 5150 kit and put a real bike motor in it. You know it's a blast to play with!

"Stogie Joe", "Dimestore" and his wife Nicol from the Quad Cam Bastards board made the show.
John Dills from Dill's Paintworks hung out with Hugh and played with Hugh's bikes all day.

Lot of people hanging out.

More of them.

Inbred Bill and Haints Duane checking for parts they need.
This Caddy belongs to Knucklehead Nathan's 16 yr old son. It's a Father/Son project they got from Michael a while back to work on.

And finally for today Ben's Harley Deere or John Davidson or something like that. Basically a throwback to the days when bikes where used to do any damned thing that needed done.

That's it for today, but I have at least two more posts to go. Check back soon!

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