Sunday, April 28, 2013

Car Show At Barber's Motorsports Park

Last Saturday I was jonesing to get out. I've grounded myself from riding the bike until the pollen settles down and have been limiting a lot of my outdoor fun because of my allergies. Finally I had had enough and decided I had to get out at least for a little while, besides I had just finished priming the body and painting the roof of the new truck a few days before and needed to get it out in the public eye for a bit. So after doing a little searching around I found out about this show put on my the local Corvette club. It was held at Barber's where the Vintage festival is every year. It was a pretty small show, but there were some really nice cars there. I'm not gonna post pics of all of them, just my favorites and as usual it'll take a few posts to do it......

As with most shows some of the best ones are in the parking lot. The '55 Chevy Gasser is one of those. It really should have been in the show but since it wasn't at least it was parked where I could get a few decent pics.

I love these old Gassers and wish there were more around to see out on the strip where they belong.

Good ol' drop front axle.

Love the stance.

Even the wheels were classic.

Mostly stock interior as it should be. It even had an 8-track player.

Once inside the show there were some beautiful cars including this 63-64 Vette convertible.

Gotta take pics of the engine!

365 HP!

These old Vette interiors are really cool even if the radio is mounted sideways.

The next one was a '57 Chevy. Sometimes it seems like these are a dime a dozen but this one was so beautiful it had to be shared.

Red Hot!

Just needed classic wheels to be perfect.

Love that grill badge.

Car dashes used to be some of the best looking parts.

I just love this view!

That's it for today, I will have more soon. Hopefully the pollen will settle down and I can get out and do something to post here and share!

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