Thursday, April 4, 2013

Part 2 Of The Spring 2013 Bama Swap & Drag

Time for some more pics from the Swap & Drag. The day went well, everyone had fun and I missed a bunch of pics I wanted to take because there was so much fun going on that I kept getting distracted before I could get to what I had planned. That's OK, it worked out and I had a great time. Not gonna say much this time since it's just more fun pics. The next post I'll get into the fun and wet evening. Until then enjoy the show...

Some of the booths and people.

Debbie Fitch rolled in with the Hate City crew and seemed to have a good time. It's good to know she's recovered really well from her injuries of a few months ago.

The only pic I took at the starting line. I got distracted and never made it back. This guy seemed to be doing a pretty decent burnout even if the smoke didn't roll out like I would have liked it to.

Looking from out set up toward the control tower.

The Haints were in attendance as you can see. I believe this is Meeks rolling around the pit area.

More stuff for sell.

Wolfman from the Hawg Shop in Trussville made an appearance with this kick ass little dragster. I'll do a post just on this one soon.

I have no idea who is hiding behind the helmet on Hugh's bike this time.

Sweet old pick up, all steel and looking good for her age.

I love 66 Chevys. My Mom had a 66 Impala, but it only had a 283 V8 not a 427 like this monster.

I love these fender badges.

Bill making a run through the area looking around.

Sweet Mopar drag car that made a few passes.

The other end.

A meeting of the mind about re-phased XS650's between Hugh and Bill. I knew these two would hit it off.

You can tell they found the old fire roads outside the track area. Screw it, that's why they invented soap.

And finally for today "Stogie Joe" got his sweet chopper running just hours ahead of time to get out and about for the weekend. He made it all the way from Atlanta just to show off the incredible bike!

More to come so check back later....

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